_saveLastLoginPage() // call, we will attempt to return to that page after a good login. // // The 'Alert' message appears at the top of the login section and may // be set because of errors in the user login or because of a signal // passed in. // $AlertMessage = ""; // default: don't show any alert message // If this is NOT a login attempt if (!$_REQUEST['UAlogon']) { // // If this page is called with $showmsg set, pick up the alert message from the // session information. if (!empty($_GET['showmsg']) && !empty($_SESSION['LogMessage'])) { $AlertMessage = $_SESSION['LogMessage']; } } else { // Request login $MyAuth->_requestLogin($_REQUEST['UAname'], $_REQUEST['UApassword'], ((isset($_REQUEST['UAreminder']) ? $_REQUEST['UAreminder'] : false))); // If the logon was successful .... if ($MyAuth->_isUserLoggedOn()==true) { // SUCCESS! Return to the last known page if one is given $retstr = $MyAuth->_getLastLoginPage(); if (strlen($retstr)==0) { // We have not info about where to go: go to the main member services page $retstr = "./ms_main.php"; } //echo "

target is: $retstr

"; session_write_close(); header ('Location: ' . $retstr); exit; } else { // // Bad login $AlertMessage = "Your sign-in information is not valid. Please try again."; } } // var to order output fields $mytabidx = 1; ?> Rocky Mountain Solo Series
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Join Now! Colorado Region Continental Divide Region SCCA Home Thanks to Riptide Hosting, Inc. for the Windows® Dedicated Server hosting AutoHaus of Boulder

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