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Default Getting Started with RMSolo Registration

Before registering, make sure that you have added to your safe-sender's list! One of the most common problems that comes up is that our confirmation email ends up in a spam filter!

1. Establishing an RMSolo Account:

- Go to the RMSolo website (
- Click the "Registration" link on the left side of the page
- Click the "Create Your Own Account" link near the top of the page
- Fill in the requested information. Note that an SCCA membership number is not required to establish an account.
- Click "Submit Form" at the bottom of the page. You now have an RMSolo account!
- Click the "Registration" link again, and sign in to your account using the Sign-in name and Password you specified on the registration form.

2. Determine your car's class

- Near the bottom of the Registration page, click the "Click here" link that's preceded by "Don't know what class your car is in? To go to Jerry Mouton's Solo2 Class page”
- Scroll down to the "Stock Category sorted by Make" link and click it.
- Find your car, and note the class designation. If your car is completely stock, it’s pretty straightforward. The more mods your car has the more “challenging” properly classing your vehicle will be. Also note that your car may be eligible for more than one class. There are some general guidelines on Jerry Mouton’s website, but for the whole story, you can download the National Solo rules from the RMSolo website. If you’re having trouble figuring out your car’s class, your best bet is to sign on to the RMSolo Forums and post a request for help classing your car to the Novice or General Autocross forums with a complete description of your car and it’s mods.

3. Pick a number for your car.
- Return to the Registration page and click the "Car Registry" link

- Click and read the "instructions on using/reserving numbers" This will explain our numbering system.
- At the bottom of the "My Cars and Numbers" page, click the "View master list of reserved numbers" link
- Scroll down the list to your car's class and note the numbers that are already taken. You can claim any number that is NOT already on the list for your car. That number will be yours for the entire season
- Click the link at the top of the page to return to the Car Registry page
- Click the "Register a Car" link
- Fill in the required information, and click the "Add Car" link
- Your car will appear on the page
- Click the "Add a number" link next to your car's listing
- Fill in the "SCCA Class" and "Number to Add"
- Check the box below the "number to Add" window. This will reserve the "co-driver" version (your number plus 100) for your number in case you may want to let someone else drive your car as a co-driver in the future.
- Your car, with it's designated number and class should now appear on the "My car and numbers" page. At this point, you have now successfully registered your car.

4. To register for an event:
- Click on the "Registration" link on the "menu bar" on the left side of the screen
- Click the "Registration" link under "My Season"
- Make sure the radio button for your car is selected (Should be a default if you only have one car in your registry)
- Add tire and sponsor information (optional)
- Add work preference (optional). Work preference is just that, a preference, and does not guarantee that you'll get that assignment. The Chief of Workers makes those assignments and may not be able to fulfill everyone's preference.
- Add Special request if appropriate. Special requests are things like "I need to run early/late in the day if possible" Again, we can't always accommodate special requests.
- Click the "Register for Event" link at the bottom of the page. Congratulations!!! You've registered. A confirmation page will pop up showing the information record for that registration. If you need to make a change, click "make modifications". If you find out after registering, that you won't be able to attend an event you've registered for, please unregister by clicking the "Remove your registration" link. After registering, you can click the link above your registration info to see who else is registered for the event (or verify your registration is removed if you've had to cancel). If you don't see your registration info under the appropriate class, contact the administrator at
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